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The Globalization of the Groups

While the automotive supplier base becomes more global and the US WD population continues to shrink, some program groups look outside the borders to strengthen membership and protect volume. A link to a complete program group chart can be found at the bottom of this article by Editor Brian Cruickshank.

An Inconvenient Ban

A proposed California ban on the sale of R-134a to non-certified technicians pits business vs. the environment. Not an easy choice, is it?

Never Say ‘No’

When customers call, do you ever say you don’t have “it?” Not having “it” puts your business on the fast track to killing your relationship with a customer.

What’s Wrong?

There’s little attention paid to vo-tech education these days, yet the demand for techs and parts pros has gone up. What’s the aftermarket doing about it?

Inventory Management: The Quickest Wins the Race

In the fast-moving world of retail sales, having the right part on the shelf is more often than not the difference between making the sale — or losing it.

It Takes Two

Collaboration among trading partners can be a great and productive thing – except when it’s a one-sided exercise.

Top 20 Super Stores 2006

This month, Counterman examines those store groups that made notable acquisitions or changes over the last 12 months.

The Formula

If you’re looking for the formula to win more business, the key just might be standing next to you at the counter.

Singing the Standards

Industry standards are the way to a healthier, more efficient aftermaket. So why aren’t more companies embracing them?

Top 10 Distribution Influences of 2006

This month Counterman and aftermarketNews editors present the top 10 topics that most affect distribution today.

It’s Just Different

Challenging categories, such as exhaust, require new approaches to distribution and sales strategies.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

They say that numbers never lie, but data can be viewed in very different ways, depending upon where you’re standing.