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Redefining Parts Stores

REDEFINING PARTS STORES Technology, training and merchandising are all rapidly changing, redefining what a parts store is now and will be in the future. What is the essence of a parts store? What should it look like? What kind of products should it carry? How should its employees act and appear? How you answer these

Reman Opportunities

Last month’s ARI story posed some questions about the reman business. This month, we take a look at reman’s future.

Redefining Reman: Challenges and Opportunities in an Evolving Category

While the response to last month’s article, “The Collapse of American Remanufacturers Inc: An In-depth Look at ARI’s Fall into Bankruptcy,” was overwhelmingly positive, some felt that it put remanufacturing in a less-than-positive light. Curious about reman’s future, we asked remanufacturers and distributors to discuss reman’s opportunities, and how the reman industry is addressing new off-shore challenges.

The Collapse of American Remanufacturers Inc: An In-Depth Look at Ari’s Fall into Bankruptcy

At one time, American Remanufacturers, Inc. (ARI) was huge, with a near legendary aftermarket executive at the helm. But in the span of 25 months, the honeymoon between ARI and its new CEO Larry Pavey was more than over — it had ended in a bitter divorce that jeopardized the reputation of a respected leader,

Editor’s Ink: Behind the Rumors

This month, we look behind the rumors to present an in-depth look at the factors that contributed ARI’s downfall.

What’s in a Name?

Counterman, Counterwoman, Counter Professional: They all describe the essential link in the distribution channel. What’s in a name? For a decidedly masculine-named magazine like Counterman, there’s quite a lot, apparently.

Flash Programming: A Parts Store Opportunity

Is your store equipped to “flash reprogram” vehicle computers? If it’s not, you might be missing a great opportunity.

Oh, Give Me a Home

Should anyone be worried that Home Depot has announced it will test market automotive products at its stores?

Candy and Cashews

What’s the real difference between jobbers and retailers? These days, it’s really more than just the snacks each sells.

Are You Working ‘In’ or ‘On’ Your Business?

How you answer that question might determine the future of your store.

Spring Cleaning

Preventive maintenance can be a tough sell, but with Spring right around the corner, safety items such as wiper blades are more important than ever.

The Super Stores

This article examines those companies that made notable acquisitions or changes over the last 12 months. The complete list of the top 20 store groups in the market can be found on the link below. Super Stores List Like 2004, 2005 was another year of notable growth for some of the largest store groups in