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The Big Getter

Every February, we list the 20 largest store groups in the industry, and each year this list reveals significant changes in store ownership.

The Art of Selling

Do you really know the differences among your “Good,” “Better” and “Best” product lines? The answer rests with training.


It’s all in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and if you can’t decode it for your customers, you might end up sending out the wrong parts. The result: returned parts and, worse – angry, dissatisfied customers.

2004 Counterperson of the Year

For Pat Young Service Co. outside salesman Randy Lipscomb, thinking outside the box pays big dividends to his job, customers, WD, industry and community.

Top Ten Distribution Influences

For the eighth consecutive year, Counterman magazine presents the ten trends and issues that influence the aftermarket parts distribution industry. For this year’s list, Counterman and editors examined all the major issues, eventually paring the list down to those issues that most affect today’s and tomorrow’s aftermarket industry.

Are We Up to the Challenge?

New marketing campaigns underscore the OE resolve to get serious about the parts and service business.

Making Progress Through Partnership

Consider all the challenges our industry faces. And then consider that the solution to them just might be in your own hometown.

Alfred State College: Progress Through Partnership

Under the banner of ‘Progress Through Partnership,’ Alfred State College’s Automotive Trades program held an Automotive and Heavy Duty Industry Open House in September at its Wellsville, NY, campus.

Is The Aftermarket’s Future Safe?

A day at a German test track – or a drive through your own hometown – shows the aftermarket must keep up with technology.

Help Him Help You

If any of your customers are struggling, give them all the support you can. The future of your own business may be at stake.

Shhh! Are You Listening?

We all tend to talk too much when we’re in front of customers. Often, the best policy is to shut up and let them talk.

Technology Revisited

Five years after the tech boom, the industry is refining its use of technology