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No Record Found: You Can’t Sell What You Can’t Find

While a new part number may indeed be available through your warehouse, oftentimes neither you nor your customer can find it since the parts data has not yet been updated in your e-cat. Catalog latency costs the market billions of dollars in lost sales. How are electronic catalog providers addressing this critical issue?

It”s That Time of Year!

‘Tis the holiday season, a time for sharing, giving and, of course, Counterman’s annual Top 10 lists.

No More Countermen?

Saying that technology will replace the parts professional is sort of like waiting for the paperless office. Not gonna happen.

Lowes Knows!

Want more customers? Grow your own! Lowes uses training as a way to increase sales. Now, Advance is getting in on DIY education.

Pac Man Fever

Pricing pressures in the automotive parts business are so bad that prices have remained essentially unchanged since 1982.

An Industry Honor

Each summer, the magazine staff begins its nationwide search for the Counterperson of the Year. Who in your store deserves this honor?

Time Wins Over Technology

Early adopters, never adopters and everyone in between. How fast technology is adopted is based on its real-world use and bottom-line benefits.

Managing Technology Through Parts Store Management Systems

Connectivity has always been important in distribution, but the Internet has changed how essential connectivity really is.

Action and Reaction

Remember manufacturer sales people? There might be a connection between their reduction and a renewed strength of the OE brand.

The Branding of Program Groups

In the beginning, program groups were little more than group buyers. These days, groups are bona-fide programs that allow parts stores and their service dealer customers to compete on a level playing field thanks to the brand recognition that group membership brings.

My Kingdom For a Caliper, Part II

First it was an availability issue. Then it was a cataloging problem. Both situations resulted in lost sales for the store.

Dealership Parts & Service Takes Aim at the Aftermarket

Would you sell parts to your competitor? In all probability, you already do.