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You’re Not Going to Like This, But…

What percentage of your customers’ overall parts purchases are through dealerships? You’re not going to like the answer.

My Kingdom for a Caliper

We were’nt looking for a Citron caliper, after all. But even so, errors in catalogs (both print and electronic varieties) cost everyone.

The Strong do Survive

Contrary to popular belief, the strongest distributors are not necessarily traded on Wall Street. There are those in the market who long for days gone by for those halcyon days I keep hearing about when independently owned stores and WDs could still make a buck in this business. Many believe that the days of the

‘Pay On Scan’ Poses Hurdles for Suppliers

‘Pay on Scan’ (POS) is AutoZone’s newly proposed payment system that is causing ripples throughout the company’s supplier base.

Reeling from Returns

The Top Seven Reasons Technicians Return Product – Causes & Cures

Top 10 Distribution Influences

A variety of factors – both positive and negative – impact aftermarket distribution. For the sixth year, Counterman editors present their view of the top 10 influences that impact the industry.

Store Science

Math, physics, chemistry – these are obvious subjects that all relates to automotive technology. But what about biology?

2002 Parts Store Market Profile

So what is average? If you’re talking about things easily quantified like return rates, the answers are easy. But what about parts stores themselves?

Getting Your Fair Share?

Import OEs have aggressive wholesale programs that are designed to steal business away from you. What are you doing to stop it?