Dan Maslic, Author at Counterman Magazine
Advanced Fuel Delivery Systems

There are many ways to get fuel into a combustion chamber and it seems that today auto manufacturers are using every possible method. As if that were not enough, manufacturers are hedging their sales bets by developing vehicles that use many different types of fuel, and in some cases, vehicles that can burn more than

Customer Retention Management

Retaining your customers is essential in running a business. After all, it’s much more difficult to gain a new customer than to keep one.

Specialized Employee Training

The investment you make in your store will provide positive returns for business and added benefit for your employees.

The Need for the Expert Counter Pro

Does your store have an “expert” in front of the counter? If not, you’re missing the opportunity to add value for your customers.

The Path to an Efficient Store

Ever heard of Six Sigma? It’s all the rage among parts manufacturers in their never-ending quest to find the zen of efficient operations. At the heart of Six Sigma is Kaizen, and you can use its techniques to create a more efficient business environment too.

Data: Taking Full Advantage

Keeping track of data allows you to further refine your business model and come up with improved promotions and advertising programs. It’s important for every business.

Flash! Reprogramming Vehicle Computers

Typically, when someone brings up the subject of “flashing” you get two reactions. The technologically informed parts professionals think about added revenue and service, while rowdier folks think about doing something that could land them in front of a judge.