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Lambda, Lambda, Lamba: Understanding Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors – also known as “lambda” sensors – are an elite fraternity that’s vital to engine operation.

Understanding Antilock Braking Systems

Here’s why drivers don’t need to pump the brake anymore.

Become A Pro On Shocks And Struts

Shocks are not struts, and struts are not shocks, but a shock is part of a strut.

A Closer Look At Engine Cooling Components

Modern cooling systems do a lot more than the simple name suggests.

May The Clamping Force Be With You

Torque-to-yield bolts have a unique advantage over traditional fasteners.

Air Filters: Know The Flow

Even a 10% blockage in a vehicle’s air filter can begin to affect engine performance.

When Good Alternators Go Bad

Here’s what you need to know to keep things from getting … ugly.

Drum Brakes: The Beat Goes On

Despite one glaring flaw, drum brakes work very well – and they’re still useful in some applications.

Drum Brakes
All-Wheel Drive vs. 4-Wheel Drive

AWD is the technologically superior system.

AWD vs 4WD
Tensioners And Pulleys

Motorists take them for granted. But they’re always busy at work behind the scenes.

Tensioners and Pulleys
DIY Brake Jobs

With the right parts, tools and knowledge, brake jobs are doable for DIYers.

DIY Brake Job
Remembering Ignition Distributors

They were simple, basic, maybe even crude by today’s standards – but they worked.