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Engine Mounts Keep Things Quiet, Make For A Longer-Lasting Vehicle

Although engine mounts normally last well over 100,000 miles, they should be inspected if unusually high levels of chassis-borne vibration and noise are present.

Catalytic Converters Keep It Clean

Beginning in 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated that a new set of emissions standards known to our industry as On-Board Diagnostics II or “OBD II.”

Reman Caliper 101: The Symptoms Of A Defective Disc Brake Caliper Haven’t Changed

During the early 1970s, disassembling the caliper was always frustrating because the caliper pistons were normally rusted into the caliper bore.

Radiators Do Double-Duty

As you might suspect, rust and scale build-up inside the radiator tubes seriously reduce the radiator’s ability to dissipate heat into the atmosphere.

Fuel Pump Add-On Sales

Some common oversights in selling fuel pumps and related parts.

The Brake Job: Stick To Recommendations

Attempting to cut costs by installing brake friction that doesn’t meet original equipment (OE) requirements generally produces
less-than-desired results.

Doing The Math On Hot-Shot Deliveries

The one thing I learned in college algebra was that I’m not a math genius. I was fairly good at math operations, but was never worth a dime at applying algebraic formulas to real-world problems. I nevertheless found that I could measure the efficiency of most business operations with a simple pocket calculator, some scrap

Making The Add-On Sale

Related sales are those connected to the replacement of a specific part.

Understanding Engine Sensors

While their individual configurations might be different, the function of any engine sensor is to provide input data which the powertrain control module (PCM) processes to control output functions like the air/fuel mixture ratio, fuel injection mode, spark timing advance, camshaft timing, throttle opening and idle speed.

Gary Goms: The Modern Independent Shop

Small changes in technology are old hat. Shops must be prepared
for new technology from the ground up.

Changes In Modern Belt Sales

Although EPDM belts don’t crack or glaze like neoprene rubber compounds, they do wear out and therefore require more than a visual inspection to determine the need for replacement.

Understanding Modern Battery Functions

Our conventional “flooded,” wet-cell, lead-acid battery has been improved during recent years to reduce corrosive gassing and increase service life.