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How Automotive Computers Work and How They Fail

To many amateur mechanics, an automotive computer is a “black box” that mysteriously controls all of the engine functions. In reality, an automotive computer or powertrain control module (PCM) is an information processor that turns electrical inputs from system sensors into electrical outputs into system actuators.

Understanding Modern Fuel Delivery Systems

In today’s market, selling fuel delivery system parts often requires a high degree of product familiarity.

Selling Modern Spark Plug Technology

Selling spark plugs for modern vehicles can be a demanding experience for today’s parts professionals.

Cold-Weather Battery Opportunities

Because a conventional battery retains only 40 percent of its electrical discharge capacity at 0 degrees F, it’s no wonder that the first cold snap brings out the worst in batteries and the best in battery sales.

Belts, Hoses And The Art of Related Sales

Although belt, hose, and other rubber parts last much longer than in the past, they do wear out and they do need replacement.

Engine Failures And How To Deal With Them

Because customers depend upon their parts professionals for guidance in repairing modern engines, let’s take a look at what parts and services you should recommend in dealing with each of these relatively expensive repairs.

Catalytic Converter and Oxygen Sensor Issues

Separating fact from fiction can be a daunting task for any parts professional. To illustrate, many DIYers and professional mechanics might believe that changing an oxygen sensor will turn off the “check engine” light on a vehicle with a defective catalytic converter.

ASE Certification: It’s A Matter Of Common Sense

For me, there’s never been any question of the value of ASE testing.

Brake Pad Installation Errors

Although it takes a little detective work to discover why a pad fails to meet performance expectations, it’s worth pursuing in terms of future customer satisfaction and safety.

Cylinder Head Gasket Technology Becomes More Sophisticated

As with everything in modern engine mechanics, cylinder head gasket design has become more sophisticated than in years past.

Understanding Fuel Pump Problems

It’s important for the parts professional to understand the basic issues involved in fuel pump diagnosis.

Analyzing Dealer Inventories

If a jobber delivers a multitude of single-item orders, perhaps it’s time for him to analyze his dealer and fleet inventory accounts.