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Automotive Aftermarket Electronics: The ins and out of how body control components operate

More refined safety and convenience systems such as telematics communications systems have placed an even greater load on vehicle electrical systems.

The state of auto repair service: Technician shortages, jobber training and new tech

Now that the festivities of the holidays have become memory, it’s time to look at a few of the changes we can expect to see in automotive service during 2010.

How to Increase Aftermarket Ignition Parts Sale

When the “100,000-mile tune-up” became commonplace, many throughout the automotive service industry predicted that ignition sales were becoming a declining market. Fortunately for most jobbers, perception is not reality.

Strategies to Decrease Automotive Aftermarket Parts Returns

From a jobber’s perspective, nothing is more discouraging at the end of the day than seeing a large pile of returned parts waiting in the “backroom” for processing.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Sales of related engine parts over a year could add up to a tidy sum of cash.

A Shop’s Opinion on Reman Aftermarket Automotive Parts

Remanufactured auto parts have become a major portion of today’s multi-billion dollar automotive replacement parts industry. Today, just about every type of rebuildable component from windshield wiper motors to computers to complete engines and transmissions are offered through a local warehouse, jobber, or retail parts outlet.

Making the Suspension and Alignment Parts Sales

All moving parts eventually succumb to normal wear and collision accidents continue to fuel the demand for suspension and alignment parts.

Belt, hose sales are some of the most lucrative add-on sales opportunities for automotive aftermarket parts professionals

Many vehicle owners and technicians forget that heat, load, pressure and atmospheric pollutants eventually deteriorate a vehicle’s rubber parts.

Questions to Ask When Friction is Returned

Perhaps the toughest assignment for an auto parts professional is dealing with a warranty return on brake friction.

Solving Master Cylinder Warranty Issues

Although dealing with warranty complaints can be a touchy business, the position of strength for the counterman is to have good basic working knowledge of how and why brake components like master cylinders fail.

Solving the Mysteries of Rotating Electrical

How learning the basics of starting/charging systems can help you avoid a warranty issue.

What It Takes To Be An Automotive Technician — These Days

Most people inside and outside our industry drastically underestimate what it takes to educate the modern automotive technician.