Gerald Wheelus, Author at Counterman Magazine
ACHIEVE: Can You Do It?

How much do we really know about our jobs and the real goals and objectives of the day, week, month and year? Do we ever try to catch someone doing something right? Do our reprimands go so far that they are like a beat-down of sorts?   A recent reassignment has allowed me some new

Why Auto Parts And Paint Mix Like Water And Oil

We focus all of our efforts in the areas that are making us the most amount of money, and paint is not that area.   Parts stores that sell paint are often not very successful. My question is, why can’t we make a go of paint? Why does that guy not buy from me and

You Have No Time For That?

When I consider all the questions and answers and study it takes to stay-up-to-date with the ever-changing climate of our chosen profession, it becomes clear that we overlook the one thing that we all have to offer.   I look back on the many years I have spent in the automotive aftermarket, I find that

Sometimes Business Ideas Aren’t Ready For Primetime

Everyone needs plan. Every company needs a plan. The company’s goal is to keep its initiative moving forward and within the plan that has been designed.

Check Your Brain At The Door?

We are all accountable to someone. Accountability does not have to be to someone but can be to ourselves.

Many Of Us Have The Talent To Bring More To An Organization

If you have ideas, present them. All they can say is no!

Phone Etiquette 101

The emotion, enthusiasm and excitement are easily determined within the first few seconds of the conversation.   Oh no not again! Another article about phone communications? Yep, another one. This time we are going to focus on the options for how you should answer the phone, the responses you give and how you end the

There’s No Room For BS (Bad Service)

Good customer service is essentially all we have that differentiates us from the competition.

Make Time For Education

So often, training is available to those who really and truly need it but they won’t make the time or effort to show up.

A Good Work Ethic Can Be Taught

Folks do not inherently set out to do a bad job. I honestly believe that. However, folks come to our little “parts world” and find that we do not have it as easy as they think.

Do Preventive Care

It doesn’t matter how much we train and teach, there will always be imperfection.

The Refund: What an Opportunity!

We do not often find ourselves with all the control of a situation as our customers dictate to us what we are going to do.