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Being a Boss is Easy… Being a Leader isn’t

A boss or a leader. What’s the difference? A boss can be a leader and many times the term “boss” is meant as a term of endearment. “Boss” can often mean “the big wheel,” “administrator,” “governor,” “supervisor,” “manager,” “director,” “overseer,” “big cheese,” and certainly many, many more urban, street or dictionary synonyms could be used

Think You’re Not A Customer Service Representative?

Parts professionals are a curious bunch. Many of us don’t want to be considered “customer service representatives.” And many don’t want to be known as “salespeople” either. Funny thing is, we’re both. Essentially that is what we do: we sell.  Our pay depends directly on our ability to sell, does it not? I went to

Change is the Only Promise We Have

Our business is about change. It is the only guarantee we have. Over the years, I have seen many store acquisitions. Just about every situation turns out the same, but the journey is always full of twist and turns. Acquisitions occur for a variety of reasons. Some are on terms that are less than ideal;

A Q&A With Kyle Moyer, Andretti Autosport’s General Manager

I had the opportunity to interview Kyle Moyer, general manager of Andretti Autosport, at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. You never know what to expect when you meet the Big Boss. Knowing he tells folks like Danica Patrick, Marco Andretti and Ryan Hunter-Reay what to do was a bit nerve-wracking. But, Moyer’s

Making The Case For Selling Powersports

It’s no surprise that gas prices are having an effect on miles driven. In March of this year, Americans drove about 3.5 billion fewer miles than in March 2010, according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The overall economy, gas prices, competition and whatever other reasons you might cite have forced all of

Where Your Manager Is Coming From

Don’t forget! Managers are people, too! Managers face many issues within a day and many of them are beyond our control. We deal with so many different personalities each and every day and we have to learn to keep our emotions and negative tendencies in check. Because we managers are people, too, we try to

Training? Who Needs It?

Why do we not offer continuing education?

How To Deal With A Bully

We would hope that people would eventually grow up and quit acting as children do. But that is not the case.

Where Are You With The Pareto Principle?

In any business, including ours, it’s used to identify where our customers come from.

Keeping It Simple: It’s All About Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

Attitude starts in the morning when we brush or comb our hair and walk out the door.

Keeping It Simple: Do You Know Your Customer’s Lifetime Value?

Let’s talk about the lifetime value of a customer and what that value means to you. Lifetime value has many meanings and has been analyzed by folks who are a whole lot smarter than me.

Keeping The Customer

Because our expertise as parts professionals is rooted in customer service, we all understand that we have to retain and keep customers returning.