Jon S. Owens, Author at Counterman Magazine
Handing Over the Keys

It’s been an honor to produce Counterman over the years.

Open Exchange is Best

In this, our annual Program Group Overview issue, it is appropriate to consider what the future holds for the Program Group model and how effective or ineffective this model may be for the members who have aligned themselves with these groups. Throughout their emergence and subsequent evolution, one could argue that the Program Group concept

Making the Case for “Unreasonable” Ideas

Since penning the column “Let’s Make a Deal” in the December issue, which attempted to set a course for the abolition of paper catalogs in our market, some interesting twists and turns have occurred and I want to update you. It’s important to note that I didn’t really expect the industry to meet the suggested deadline of Jan. 1, 2009 for never having to print another paper catalog. But, I did expect to cause an eruption of productive dialogue with regard to this subject; a dialogue that I hoped would lead to an actual plan for phasing out the printing of catalogs over time.

The End of Free Delivery

With rising fuel prices, the industry has an opportunity to end the practice of delivering parts for free. But will we take advantage of it?

Customer Service Balancing Act

There’s an old business axiom that goes something like this, “There are only two rules to follow in order to be successful in business. Rule # 1 is: The customer is always right. Rule # 2 is: When the customer is wrong, refer to Rule # 1.” Certainly, there is an element of truth in

Big Chains Get Bigger

Our annual review of the top 20 Super Stores reveals that much maneuvering and positioning has gone on in the past year and will continue in ’08.

Technology Solutions

Technology will be at the forefront of everything you do in the coming years, and this magazine pledges to keep you up to date on its application and use.

Let’S Make a Deal

Is the industry up for a challenge? Let’s make a deal about the future of paper catalogs.

Dissecting a Survey

The aftermarket loves conducting surveys and analyzing the results. But, more often than not, the data is biased and inaccurate. It’s time we begin focusing on the facts.

Representing You

This month in Las Vegas, Counterman magazine will award the 21st annual Counter Professional of the Year, presented by Affinia.

Store Brand Strength

To me, brands are like real estate. The more you own, the stronger you’ll be.

Survey Says…

The industry may believe that traditional distributors are losing business to OE dealer parts channels, but the data suggests otherwise.