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Made in China

As the Foreign Tire Sales recall shows, distributors can shoulder more than they bargained for in their search for bargain-priced off-shore product.

Breaking Rank

Counterman Publisher Jon Owens discusses the recent break of O’Reilly from program group, the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance.

“As Good As” it Gets?

Are aftermarket products “as good as” OE? If you listen carefully, you might be surprised by what your customers are saying.

A Little Secret Exposed

Fido and Fluffy don’t really care who makes their food and the fact that various brands come from the same manufacturer never mattered much — until now.


Ever hear the motto, “Speed kills?” I guess most haven’t in this multi-tasking world. Why does everybody want to go so fast? Why does everybody think they have to “multi-task” to get ahead? Where is everybody going, and why are they doing so many things at once? Nothing good has ever come from going as

Personell Trumps Size

The biggest hurdle for store chains of any size remains the issue of retaining the best personnel.

It’S All About the Parts

Products are what our industry is all about. Of course, the act of manufacturing is no small task, and doing it well is a very unique and challenging venture, one that requires careful planning and expertise. Those who take it on should be fully prepared for all it entails — and it entails a lot. Retailers

Make the Investment

Store personnel are critical to this industry’s success. They just deserve far more attention and appreciation than they’ve received.

Lost Opportunities

AAPEX is the biggest industry event of the year. So why don’t more store personnel bother to attend?

Tough Decisions

Choosing the winner from among all the great nominations we received for Counter Professional of the Year, Presented by WIX Filters was sometimes an impossible task. We did narrow our decision down to one person, but let’s take a look at the other terrific nominees.

Parts Pros vs. The Internet

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. This year’s PARTS Supplement proves there is no replacement for expert counter pros.

Where is Everybody?

I’m all for industry collaboration, but are the invitations going out to everyone?