Kris Walker, Author at Counterman Magazine
Every Day is a Training Opportunity

Life takes you in lots of new directions, and each direction brings its own lesson. Here are some sales lessons I’ve learned on the road.

WD Deliveries: Winning Through Teamwork

The sorry state of the U.S. Olympic basketball team in Athens is a lesson in why teamwork brings home the gold every time, while the individual ends up settling for bronze.

WD Deliveries: Response to a Failing Market?

During recent travels I had the opportunity to read a book written by Robert Kiyosaki. In the book, he made an analogy about supply and demand thats been running through my mind. It had to do with peoples reactions to changes within the laws of economics.

Too Many Choices

In a world where everything is rushed and “super-sized,” it’s important to slow down and remember your customers. Meet their expectations and when you can, go above and beyond.

Take My Money, Please

How easy and enjoyable do we make it for our customers to do business with us? Everything we do Neither adds to or detracts from the shopping experience for our customers.

Being Better Shouldn’t Be So Hard

There’s a definite love/hate relationship between the parts store and the manufacturer’s rep. With a little effort, we can make it a win/win relationship!

An (un)Usual Observance

Kids say the darndest things…maybe we should listen.

WD Deliveries: It’s Somewhere in the Middle

Do you know the difference between DIY, DIFM and DIT? Let’s examine where the answer lies.

The Tricks of the Trade

The words I most fear (OK, maybe fear is a bit strong) on the telephone are,"I have a really good customer who…" Never have these words begun a sentence that ended with "wanted to compliment you on being a good supplier" or "appreciates the quality and service of the products you deliver." For a supplier,

Economies of Scale

Does size equal profits? Want fries with your Mega Burger? Never confuse ‘activity’ for ‘productivity’ on the path to profitability.