Mitch Schneider, Author at Counterman Magazine
What’s The Opposite Of Continuous Innovation?

Discontinuous innovation… Now, there is something to ponder!

Mitch Realizes How Easily Things Can Go Wrong On Either Side Of The Parts Counter

What can we do to share information, policies, process and procedures, in order to mitigate or eliminate problems like these before they occur, reducing cost and increasing profits as we move the performance needle in the right direction for all of us?

Don’t Force Mitch To End The Day The Way He Had To

If you’re working, recognize the fact that you’re lucky to be working. If you don’t believe me, ask someone who isn’t. Ask someone who wants a job and can’t find one. And, if you are working, don’t screw it up.

Do You Ask What Your Customer Wants, Needs?

I’m not one of those people who likes unlimited choice.

Don’t Drive Your Customers Away

There are too many people waiting to steal your customers.

Who’s Not Interested In Becoming Extraordinary?

I’m excited! And, if you find a hint of evil at the corners of my crooked smile — well, so what! It’s been a while, and smiling feels pretty good right about now. What is it that feels so good? I’m afraid you’re going to have a wait just a little while longer to find

Is This As Good As the Automotive Aftermarket Gets?

A great deal of technology has found its way into the everyday operations of most businesses within the automotive aftermarket. But has that meant innovation?

Why Is the American Automotive Aftermarket Industry in Chaos?

The quickest way to frustrate a technician is to let them know they are going to have to wait to finish “that job” they have been waiting all afternoon to finish because the part they are waiting for didn’t make the “early run,” or won’t be there at all because it is no longer stocked locally.

Auto Repair Shops Want Parts, Supplies The Way They Want Them

Mitch thinks repair shops should be able to buy products the way they want.

‘The Only Thing That Matters is the Perception of the Customer’

Customers, those incredibly complicated, frustrating, inscrutable and often times maddening individuals who make all of our lives possible, are not all that easy to figure out.

The Choice is Yours. Or is it?

One of the greatest fears most writers share, especially “serious” writers, is relevancy: Is what we have to say going to be meaningful to the people with whom we are trying so hard to communicate?

Becoming a Hunter-Killer

I dialed the 800 number, slowly and carefully. It was the third 800 number I had encountered on the Internet as I searched to find a new or reconditioned radiator for the pristine, almost perfect 1974 Mercedes 280SL sitting just outside the door that leads from the front counter into the shop. I took a