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More Than Just Numbers to Me

Do you have information related to the failure rate of parts?

Why is it in Vogue?

I don’t know where or when it became fashionable to crucify the aftermarket companies that have trained, serviced and supported the repair community for more than four generations.

The View from 37,000 Feet

It doesn’t seem to matter which side of the parts counter you are on. As an industry, we tend to focus on the “immediate” — the problems we face day-to-day, minute by minute. We lose track of the critically important role we play ensuring the free movement of people, goods and services across our nation’s roads and highways or the contribution each of us makes to an industry that has steadily grown every year for the past six years.

Missing the Point: It’s Like Water

The well of information out there is useless, unless you are willing to take a drink. Client wants, needs and expectations are the very essence of great service and lasting relationships.

Do it Right, Always

Train your empoyees to trust their instincts and act in the best interests of your clients.

Who Says…

Never underestimate the power of words. Take a second to think before you speak — that second could mean all the difference in the world.

“O,” No!

Sure, mistakes happen and in the repair business they happen quite often. Usually the mistake is a result of carelessness or forgetfulness, but whatever the reason, it’s fixing the mistake that matters most.

Then Why’d You Do It?

Would you ever sell a part you couldn’t warranty? It happens all the time and creates more work and expense for everyone in the end.

A Non-Technical Solution

Most of us rely on technology every day, but in that reliance we sometimes forget about the people around us.

It’s Either, Or…

Life is full of choices, and those choices are usually right or wrong. Here’s an example of how one distributor made the right choice and ultimately we both reaped the rewards.

So Fast, It’s Scary

In a world of fast food, scan-and-go credit cards and high-speed Internet connections, it’s no wonder we feel rushed and crazed. It’s time we slow down and appreciate the most important connection of all — the human connection.

Non-Euclidian Geometry

Right parts + right place + right time = happy service professional, right? Not by today’s standards. Service professionals want more and you have to change your formula to give it to them.