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NACE | CARS Was Great! Of Course.

From a training perspective, the offerings were staggering. Each day had so many courses available it was difficult to decide which session to attend. There was truly something for everyone, writes Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber.

Brands, Built Over Many Years, Must Be Protected Like Gold

So what is a brand? It’s the image or characteristic someone gains when the brand is presented. For instance, if I say Rolls Royce, people might say “quality,” “expensive,” and so forth.

Make A List, Check It Twice When Repairing A Vehicle Or Preparing An Order

We all are busy and think we know what needs to be done, but it’s those pesky little things (details) that get dropped.

I Am In Awe Of The Automotive Aftermarket Parts And Repair Industry

The old adage used to be that when new car sales are up, it was a threat to the aftermarket. Well, not this time. Record new car sales have not slowed the aftermarket one bit. Wall Street continues to report growth and the retailers and traditional distributors indicate excellent years also.

Use Your Auto Parts Knowledge As A Great Customer Satisfaction Tool

A common notion is that the person on the other side of the transaction is there because they have an issue that needs to be solved, writes Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber. It is either a driver with a crashed vehicle or a shop that needs the correct part to fix that car. In both cases, the person in front of you needs help. I think that over the years, we can get hardened to this fact.

Don’t Let Ineffective Stock Rotation At Your Parts Store Make A Mess For Your Customers

“I was victim of either an overzealous sales program four years ago or an inefficient stock rotation regimen,” Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber writes. “Either way, I was in the middle. Wherever you are in the chain, be sure your customer is not caught with the mess.”

Danger, Will Robinson!

Choose what your business’ focus is going to be and focus on that. Become obsessed with that and stay on it. Keep an eye out for dramatic changes in the marketplace, but only react if it is a gamechanger for your direction. Industry changes are inevitable, but usually minor course changes are all that is required.

Sometimes You Have To Set Aside The Urgent

Our everyday business functions have become so complicated and intense, that we sometimes or never take time to focus on the long-term/important matters.

Some Things Change And We Don’t Have To Like It

I take issue with Peugeot’s decision to kill the RCZ.

With Auto Parts, It’s Still All About The People

For some strange reason, I seem to get energy from meeting other people. I have always told my kids that the three most important things are: Do your best, do the right thing and people are the most important part of life.

Make Mine Certified, Please. ASE P2, That Is.

We are fortunate in this industry to have training opportunities from the Auto Care Association, AASA and ASA.

It’s Human Nature To Worry About Change

Over my years in the automotive sector, I have experienced a lot of change. Some at the macro level and some at the close-to-home perspective. In the long run, most of it has been positive. Of course, life would dictate that some of it was not. That’s what makes us stronger, right?   Ever since