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Automotive Aftermarket Converter Compliance

Accurate diagnosis of converter failures and the proper selection of replacement converters are both critical to the repair process, but don’t forget that any underlying cause of poor engine performance or leakage that caused the original failure must be corrected before that replacement converter can effectively do its job!

Turn, Turn, Turn: Selling and Diagnosing Automotive Aftermarket Brake Rotors

Recommending premium-quality components and encouraging proper installation can increase sales, and decrease your warranty returns. The vehicle owner will benefit from a better, longer-lasting product, and professional technicians will get fewer customer complaints, comebacks and labor claims. Taking the time to properly diagnose problems and perform the repair correctly is the mark of a professional service provider, but it is up to you as a parts specialist to help supply them with the products and services they need to succeed.

It’s Electric! Automotive Aftermarket Electric-Assisted Power Steering

There will be many significant benefits of EAPS for manufacturers, repair shops and vehicle owners, but for those of us behind the counter, one of the best benefits is related to core handling. That fully electric rack and pinion core you just took back contains no fluid to leak all over our floors, counters and uniforms!

Automotive Timing Kits: It’s All About Time

I have an installer customer who stocks timing kits. Let that sink in for a moment. Not just oil filters, light bulbs and wiper blades. Timing kits.

Cool Under Pressure: Choosing The Correct Coolant For The Job

If you stock a “universal” coolant, refer to the packaging or spec sheet to ensure compatibility with the coolant being replaced.

Today’s Fuel System Is Responsible For Evaporative Emissions Control Functions

Most of today’s fuel systems are returnless, with internal fuel pressure regulators, adding another element to the in-tank module. The module is now responsible for pumping, filtering and regulating the flow of fuel, as well as passing vapor along to the EVAP system.

How Swede It Is: Numbers, Names You’ll See When Cataloging Saab And Volvo Car Parts

Both Saab and Volvo are known for their reliability and longevity, but we still receive our fair share of calls for these cars.

The Da-VINci Code

Making heads or tails of the all-too-important 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number.   The modern 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) became mandatory for new vehicles sold in the U.S. beginning with the 1981 model year. The VIN is broken down into six components, and each part holds a key to decoding the identity of an individual