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The ABCs Of PCMs

Powertrain control modules use input from multiple sensors to make decisions on how to keep the vehicle running correctly.

Easing The Pain With Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping vehicles properly maintained can help stretch those gallons further on summer road trips.

Making Hydraulic Hose

Creating hydraulic hose for mission-critical equipment is an often-overlooked profit center.

Breaking Down Chrysler Sales Codes

These codes aren’t as readily accessible as the ones used by other OEMs.

Online Ordering: Your Silent Staff

You pretty much have to offer it these days, but it’s not for everyone.

Recalls Are A Fact Of Life In The Auto Industry

Recalls cover a wide range of faults, and some are more obvious than others.

Vehicle Recalls
Selling Tools For Electrical Repairs

Sensors, switches, solenoids and actuators require electrical power to do their jobs.

Electrical Repairs
Best Supporting Actor: Gas-Charged Lift Supports

Lift supports don’t receive a lot of screen time, but they play a key role in providing convenience to vehicle owners.

Lift Supports
Automotive Ancestry

Exploring the histories of the brands we service every day.

Beyond Auto Parts

Lawnmowers, boats and snowmobiles need parts too.

Continuing Education For Counter Pros

A wide array of content is available to anyone with an internet connection and the desire to learn.

Continuing Education
Construction Season Puts Focus On Undercar Parts

Shocks and struts take a beating this time of year.

Work Zones and Suspension Parts