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Automotive Parts Associates Announces New Program Manager

In just four years at APA, Christopher Wilkinson has amassed a myriad of skills ranging from customer service to sales.


Automotive Parts Associates (APA) is adding to its leadership team with the addition of Christopher Wilkinson as program manager.


In just four years, Wilkinson has managed to amass a myriad of skills ranging from customer service to sales, all of which will serve him in this new role, APA noted in a press release.

Wilkinson received a B.S. from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

“After learning his first word was ‘truck,’ it just makes sense that he’d continue forging this path,” said Steve Tucker, president of APA. “Furthermore, I see Chris complementing our growing team, working directly with Rob Payne, product director, updating program sheets and price files, and working closely with our shareholders and members to help them maximize the value they receive being part of APA and TruStar. His real-world experience as a ‘car guy’ will no doubt add to what we do for our warehouse distributors as a group.”


Rob Payne, product director, added: “We are excited for Chris to join the APA team. Chris brings a passion for the automotive industry and will play a pivotal role developing and supporting our programs.”

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