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AutoZone Presented Top Award For Employee Engagement From ORC International

Global market research firm honors the automotive retailer with top employee engagement award.


NEW YORK – Global market research firm ORC International has awarded AutoZone Inc. a top prize for its achievements in employee engagement. The annual award is given to an organization that achieves outstanding results among ORC International’s North American employee research clients.
AutoZone’s engagement score measured their employees’ commitment to their work and their organization, including their enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to go above and beyond for their organization. AutoZone achieved an index that was notably above other retailers, according to ORC International’s global benchmarks.
AutoZone, a Fortune 500 company with more than 70,000 employees spread across more than 5,100 stores in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil, attributes its success to its strong culture, which defines how AutoZoners take care of customers. AutoZone said it reinforces its culture through its values, which include: putting customers first, caring about people, striving for exceptional performance, energizing others, embracing diversity and helping teams succeed. As a result, the culture is instrumental in motivating AutoZoners in the different regions and districts.
Michael Womack, AutoZone’s senior vice president of human resources, customer satisfaction, said, "We are a very customer-focused organization, and it’s important that employees on the front line are fully engaged. We’ve looked at AutoZoner satisfaction before but didn’t have the expertise to understand how engagement led us to improve business results. We wanted to ensure we measure the right areas and understand how that leads to improved customer satisfaction, sales and business results. We are honored to be chosen for this recognition."       
Matt Roddan, head of Employee Research U.S. at ORC International, added, "AutoZone’s results are incredibly impressive, and reflect the strong focus that the organization places on engaging their employees and leveraging those employees to enhance greater customer loyalty and achieve impressive business results."
Other global winners of ORC International’s Employee Engagement Award this year include Pizza Hut, major U.K. grocery supermarket Iceland, and Australia’s Future Fund Management Agency.


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