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AWDA Supports Right To Repair Initiative In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Right to Repair expressed appreciation to the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA) for announcing its support for “Yes” on Question 1, the “Right to Repair” ballot initiative.

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The ballot initiative would protect consumer choice in vehicle repair by allowing car owners to access to the diagnostic and repair data generated wirelessly by their car so they could opt to provide access to any dealer, independent repair shop or auto dealer that they choose during the lifetime of their vehicle.

AWDA stated that with automakers putting large amounts of money behind disinformation campaigns to scare voters into voting “No,” the need for the automotive aftermarket to unite in the Right to Repair fight is now more important than ever for securing the future of the independent and do-it-yourself repair industry.


The AWDA Executive Committee determined that the threat of losing access to the mechanical and repair information available today – as automakers move it to wireless platforms – would be a threat to the livelihood of its member’s 1,400 employees in Massachusetts as well as to the U.S. auto care industry as a whole.

“As a key segment of the automotive aftermarket, we all felt that this was the time for AWDA to step up,” AWDA Chairman Mauro Cifelli said.

“We thank the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association and its Massachusetts members for their strong support of Right to Repair and voting ‘Yes’ on 1,” said Tommy Hickey, Massachusetts Right to Repair coalition director. “Our independent shops are increasingly facing the prospect of having limited or no access to diagnostic and repair information now that automakers are restricting access through rapidly expanding wireless technologies in vehicles not covered under current law. Voting ‘Yes’ on 1 is how we prevent auto dealers and manufacturers from gaining a monopoly on car repairs, and AWDA’s support will help immeasurably.”


The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition/YES on 1 now has more than 4,000 members statewide. In addition to independent repair shops and Massachusetts auto parts stores, members of the coalition include the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts, the New England Tire and Service Association, Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts and the Automotive Oil Change Association.

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