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BBB Announces Remy Permanent On-Product Test Sticker

Every Remy rotating-electric product will include a permanent test-result label attached to every unit.


BBB Industries announced the release of its Remy permanent on-product test sticker for all of its starters and alternators.

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Paper test results previously included in the box with every Remy rotating electric product will be replaced by a permanent test-result label attached to every unit, made from an oil-resistant, plastic-coated label stock.

“The test-result label will clearly show that the unit passed final testing, and it will provide meaningful test-result data and a date code of manufacture,” said Matt Heater, rotating electric director of product marketing and product management. “The transition to a permanent test-result label further demonstrates our commitment to providing a high-quality product to our channel partners and end-user customers, long after the box gets thrown away.”


BBB is a Daphne, Alabama-based remanufacturer of starters, alternators and other automotive parts.

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