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Benefits Of Aluminum Protectant

Automatic transmission fluid isn’t enough to protect aluminum parts.


Did you know that automatic transmission fluid and other hydraulic fluids don’t protect aluminum from wear?


This means that aluminum that’s in contact with steel or other aluminum parts such as valve bodies, servo boards and pistons isn’t protected and can lead to premature failure due to wear and warranty comebacks.

Due to the differences in the chemical properties of aluminum and iron, most of the boundary lubricants designed for ferrous materials fail to form protective films on aluminum. Transmission fluids simply aren’t formulated to protect aluminum.

The transmission experts at Lubegard are proud to introduce Lubegard Aluminum Protectant, part number 19300. Lubegard Aluminum Protectant provides anti-wear protection for aluminum that’s in contact with metal parts such as valve bodies, servo boards and pistons. It reduces aluminum valve-body wear by up to 35% when added to factory-fill automatic transmission fluids. It also can help prevent torque-converter shutter by reducing valve-body torque-converter circuit wear.

This video is sponsored by Lubegard.

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