BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and Elite Announce Education Partnership to Enhance Auto Repair Industry

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and Elite Announce Education Partnership to Enhance Auto Repair Industry

The companies say they're marrying award-winning technology and shop management training to make shops more successful.

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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and Elite have partnered to further modernize and evolve the automotive aftermarket industry by making auto repair shops more successful through a combination of tech-enabled shop operations software and training for streamlined management, according to a press release.

The BOLT ON and Elite partnership will deliver co-hosted webinars for shop owners who want to invest in their businesses with topics, the release continued, including “Finding Hidden Profits in Your Shop’s Numbers,” “Tips on Hiring the Superstars,” “Building Trust Through Digital Vehicle Inspections,” “Employee Management Made Easy” and, in an upcoming webinar, “Why DVI? The Advantages of Digital Inspections” on Nov. 13.

The pair is plaining at least six more webinars in 2019, the release stated.

“The key to fulfilling our mission is making every resource available to our customers that will improve their business,” said Mike Risich, founder and CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. “We’re extremely excited about our partnership with Elite because the best solution for a shop that wants to grow is not just to train management or implement new technology but to utilize both.”

BOLT ON and Elite will elevate the auto repair industry by making it more sophisticated, attractive to a new generation of shop owners, perpetuating ethics-based business practices and overall creating better opportunities for success. The technology and education provided by the companies will give shop owners the critical tools needed to improve car counts, AROs and customer trust, the release noted.

BOLT ON provides an award-winning suite of shop management products that help shops operate efficiently by streamlining scheduling and updating customer information, producing more accurate reporting, strengthening customer communication through digital inspection capabilities and allowing managers to stay on top of business performance, the release stated.

Elite provides shop owners premium training in business practices, such as recruiting courses, marketing courses, phone skills and sales training, peer group meetings and comprehensive coaching programs where every Elite coach is the past or present owner of a very successful auto repair business, the release added.

“We’re proud of our partnership with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY because of all the synergy between the two companies both in our cultures and overall goals,” said Bob Cooper, founder and president of Elite. “Our belief is that every shop owner needs both the right people and the right systems to reach their potential, and this partnership helps them achieve both objectives.”

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