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Bosch Adds Brake Shoes To Complete Its Line of Braking Products


Company offers full line coverage of domestic, Asian and European applications.



BROADVIEW, Ill. — Bosch has announced the addition of Bosch Brake Shoes to its line of braking products for the aftermarket. With full line coverage of service brakes and parking brakes for domestic, Asian and European applications, Bosch brake shoes along with other Bosch brake products, provide customers with a total braking package, the company says.

“Bosch’s extensive OE (original equipment) knowledge and years of experience in the development of braking technology has been critical in helping us design our braking products to offer the same consistent and superior braking performance as OE,” said Mike Jaskae, product manager, braking products for Robert Bosch LLC.


Features of Bosch Brake Shoes include:
•Full line coverage of domestic, Asian and European applications
•Matching OE-style design to guarantee proper fit
•100 percent asbestos-free friction formulations that ensure extended wear, consistent braking performance and long life
•Rust-prevention coating that enhances durability
•Bonded and riveted coverage on most domestic and commercial applications that matches OE method of attachment
•100 percent all new steel shoe makes for durable construction and long life. There are no remanufactured or core charges
•Complete kit for easy installation. Pins and levers are included where necessary.

Bosch brake shoes cover vehicles from 1942 to the current model year with 12 new parts introduced so far in 2013. Bosch brake shoes provide 98 percent coverage for vehicles in operation (VIO) with 577 SKUs for North America and 75 additional SKUs for specific applications for Latin America.


Bosch Brake Shoes along with Bosch’s QuietCast Disc Brake Pads and Rotors, Bosch Disc Brake Pads and Bosch EuroLine Brake Pads provide customers with a total braking package.

For more information, visit www.boschautoparts.com/brakes.

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