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Bosch Wiper Blades: FOCUS Introduced

Bosch FOCUS is available at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores in the United States and at


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Bosch has introduced FOCUS as the newest addition to its line of windshield-wiper blades.

Bosch FOCUS is available at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores in the United States and at

Bosch FOCUS is designed to provide optimal night clarity and enhance safer driving. The premium wiper blade reduces blur with NightView ultrasonic welding technology, which fuses the blade and base connector to form a single core construction and provide uniform wiping stability across the entire length of the blade, according to the company.

Additionally, glare is minimized using ClearMax 365 rubber technology, featuring a flexible dual synthetic rubber blend and precision-cut polymer edge to create an optimal wipe angle, according to Bosch. The technology also promotes a longer product life, as it protects the wiping edge from ozone deterioration, extreme weather and road debris.


FOCUS is equipped with a NightSpoiler, combining a water-repelling polymer compound and a light-absorbing charcoal powder. The spoiler helps to repel water droplets and minimize ice buildup for extreme all-weather safety. A SafeCheck indicator alerts users when it’s time to check the wiping performance of their blades to ensure safer driving in rain, sleet and snow.

Offering broad compatibility, the FOCUS windshield wiper blade includes several connectors such as the new Denso Top Lock, U-Hook, Side Lock, Top Lock and Pinch Tab.

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