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Bosch Produces 75 Millionth Diesel Common Rail System

This technology, first used in cars 14 years ago, marked the start of a new image for diesel.


BROADVIEW, Ill. – Following the 75th anniversary of Bosch’s introduction of diesel systems in passenger cars, Bosch is now celebrating the production of its 75 millionth common-rail system.


This technology, first used in cars 14 years ago, marked the start of a new image for diesel. In 1997, the share of diesel passenger cars sold in Western Europe was 22 percent, while today every second newly registered passenger car is a diesel.

“Automobile diesel engines were previously seen as economical and robust, but noisy. The modern common-rail diesel is just as efficient and durable, but it is also quiet, powerful and eco-friendly. Common-rail high-pressure injection, in conjunction with turbocharging, has revolutionized the diesel engine,” said Ross Sandercock, director, product management for Bosch.
As efficient as today’s automotive diesels are, Bosch says the continuous improvements it plans to initiate will make diesel engines even more efficient in the future.


For instance, by 2015 diesel-powered compact cars are set to consume as much as 30 percent less fuel than they do currently. And the use of hybrid technology can bring fuel consumption down by as much as 40 percent, the company points out.

The first customers for common-rail systems in 1997 were Alfa Romeo, for its 156 JTD model, and Mercedes, for the C220 CDI. Unit sales of common-rail systems grew rapidly in the following years. By 2001, 3 million Bosch common-rail systems were in use, by 2002 the figure had already grown to 10 million, and by the start of 2009 it was 50 million, according to Bosch.
In 2011 alone, Bosch produced some 9 million common-rail systems, which were fitted in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, in the off-highway segment, and also in large diesel engines such as those found in ships.

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