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Bosch Unveils Online Video Advertising Campaign For ‘DistancePlus’ Oil Filter

Message to DIY audience receives endorsement from Hendrick Motorsports.


BROADVIEW, Ill. – As many Americans drive to their vacation destinations this summer, Bosch is taking advantage of the summer peak travel season to promote its high-performance DistancePlus Oil Filter via an online video advertising campaign.
Targeting do-it-yourself (DIY) automotive enthusiasts who use standard and mobile Web browsers, this campaign utilizes a 90-second high-definition video to draw attention to the importance of using a top-quality oil filter.
Jeff Andrews, director of engine operations at Hendrick Motorsports, the 10-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champions, stresses the importance of the message.
"Consumers should be aware of the benefits of using a good-quality oil filter in their cars," said Andrews. "By trapping the debris and dirt particles that get into the oil, a top-quality filter protects the engine from damage and enhances the performance and reliability of the vehicle.
“The oil filter is a very important part of your car,” said Andrews. “In racing, we need the oil filter to prevent fine dust particles from getting into the oil, which can damage engine bearings, shorten engine life and hurt performance. It’s very much the same for passenger vehicles. Customers who care about performance and reliability will be impressed with the Bosch DistancePlus Oil Filter.”
Tested against a leading economy filter, Bosch DistancePlus oil filters capture and hold 300 percent more dirt at 99.9 percent efficiency, according to Bosch. This means it is able to capture 99.9 percent of particles that are 40 microns or larger – a micron being one-millionth of a meter. In addition, DistancePlus also has greater burst strength for increased durability, the company says.
“‘Capacity’ and ‘efficiency’ determine the ability of how well a filter does its job,” added John King, product marketing manager, Bosch Filtration, which supplies premium-quality filters to the North American aftermarket. “Capacity is the amount of dirt a filter can hold before it gets clogged, and efficiency refers to how well it can capture the particles of dirt that it encounters.”
In an otherwise crowded digital landscape, the Bosch DistancePlus video, occupies a highly visible banner spot on more than 900 consumer websites covering automotive, gaming, travel and news. The websites include travels.com, cnn.com, yahoo.com, usatoday.com, nytimes.com, reuters.com, redorbit.com; toptenreviews.com, slate.com, the nation.com, the washingtonpost.com, briskgames.com, gamehouse.com, eturbonews.com, youtube.com and many more popular websites.
“Our engineers have worked diligently to ensure that the Bosch DistancePlus oil filter is compatible with all commercially available natural and synthetic motor oils,” King said, “and we provide coverage for nearly all domestic cars and light trucks.”
“With many manufacturers recommending extended drain intervals, the Bosch DistancePlus oil filter’s ability to hold up for thousands of miles is definitely suited to motorists who enjoy driving long and far,” he said.  
Potential buyers can simply click on the ‘buy now’ button to instantly find the right filter for their car.


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