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Carter Engineered Pumps Announces Two New Fuel-Pump Patents

The patents are for the module-design and hanger-design fuel pumps.


Carter announced two new patents for its fuel-pump designs.

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The new module-design fuel-pump patent is an engineered system of interdependent features including silver alloy contacts, abrasion sleeves, over-molded armatures, carbon commutator, rubber feet, guide rod springs, metal clamps, internal/external CleanScreen technology and integrated calibrated sender assemblies. The new hanger-design fuel-pump patent also is a cohesive system of features: metal clamps, silver alloy contacts, over-molded armatures, carbon commutator, CleanScreen technology and assembled float arm.

“These features are deliberately designed as a complete system focused on providing longer service life, better performance and confident installation,” said Ryan Gernheuser, director, product management – engineered pumps, TRICO Group. “And Carter is the only manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket to offer these two patented fuel pump innovations.”


These new patents are the direct result of decades of perfecting a comprehensive and venerable design, engineering, testing and manufacturing process that is unique to Carter Engineered Fuel Pumps for the automotive aftermarket, the company noted.  

“Fuel pumps need to perform flawlessly in corrosive and often unclean fuel tank environments,” said Gernheuser. “High-quality materials, robust design and our development process ensures superior pump performance.”

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