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VIDEO: Benefits Of AGM Batteries

Today’s vehicles are complex machines, with power demands that make recommending the right battery more important than ever.

VIDEO: Resetting The Oil-Life Monitor

It’s safe to assume that every 2007-and-newer vehicle has an oil-life-monitor reset procedure.

VIDEO: What’s A Core Charge?

And why on earth do we need them?

VIDEO: Selling Heavy-Duty Parts

Many heavy-duty vehicles are custom-built to fit the needs of the company that’s using them.

VIDEO: Shedding Some Light On Shop Lighting

Scott Shriber shares some insight on this illuminating subject.

VIDEO: The Importance Of Succession Planning

The key is to do this years before you plan to leave the business.

VIDEO: Why Is My ‘Check Engine’ Light On?

The “Check Engine” light is an indicator on the dash that alerts owners that some system in or on their engine is not operating within designed parameters.

VIDEO: Understanding Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are sensitive to the overall condition of the engine, fuel system and ignition system.

VIDEO: Direct Injection vs. Port Injection

Both systems use electronic fuel injectors to spray fuel into the engine, but the difference is where they spray the fuel.

VIDEO: Signs Of A Bad Water Pump

Because water pumps move such a vast amount of coolant over the life of the unit, the bearings wear out over time.

VIDEO: MAF vs. MAP Sensors

Before an engine-management system can accurately control the air-fuel mixture and spark timing, it needs to know how much air is entering the engine.

VIDEO: Unlocking The Mystery Of The Engine Control Module

Unlike the man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz,” there’s nothing mysterious about the electronic control module, or ECM.