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VIDEO: Thermal Management In Automotive Engines

Thermal management is one of the fundamental functions of internal combustion engines, and it presents plenty of replacement-part opportunities for counter professionals.

VIDEO: Take The AGM Battery Quiz

ASE-certified technician Andrew Markel has put together a short quiz to test your knowledge on AGM batteries.

VIDEO: Automotive Fog Lighting

High-quality fog lights are specifically aimed to go out and down in a broad pattern.

VIDEO: Warning Signs Of Pothole Damage

Potholes can pack a powerful punch.

VIDEO: Automotive Appearance Products (Interior)

In Part 2 of our series on appearance products, we focus on the vehicle interior.

VIDEO: Automotive Appearance Products (Exterior)

In Part 1 of our series on appearance products, we focus on the vehicle exterior.

VIDEO: LED Lighting For Automotive Applications

These days, most popular incandescent-bulb numbers are available in LED form.

VIDEO: Automotive Scan Tools For DIYers

The most basic of these are inexpensive code readers that display generic P0 fault codes with a short code definition.

VIDEO: Fuel Filters Are Essential To Vehicle Health

The fuel filter is the first line of defense against contaminants.

VIDEO: Cabin Air Filter FAQs

Cabin air filters shouldn’t be a mystery to your DIY customers.

VIDEO: When To Replace Air Filters

For every gallon of fuel, roughly the equivalent of a swimming pool full of air passes through the air filter.

VIDEO: Selling Auto Body Parts

For a traditional parts store, the key to many body shop sales is availability.