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LED Lighting

Between their energy efficiency and long service life, what’s not to love?

Constant-Velocity Joints: Smooth Operators

Today’s CV joints are a radical departure from anything resembling a U-joint.

Selling Oil Filters: The Unfiltered Truth

They might look the same on the outside, but there’s a clear difference between good, better and best.

Making The Case For Remanufactured Parts

It’s the perfect time to talk to your customers about reman parts.


These data standards work behind the scenes to make our e-catalogs efficient, powerful and accurate.

‘New-To-You’ Vehicle Upgrades

Skyrocketing new-car prices are driving accessory sales to record levels.

The Lowdown On Limited-Slip Differentials

These drivetrain components leave “one-wheel peel” in the dust.

Lambda, Lambda, Lamba: Understanding Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors – also known as “lambda” sensors – are an elite fraternity that’s vital to engine operation.

Keeping Your Cool With R-1234yf

It’s a matter of when – not if – the auto industry will fully transition to this climate-friendly refrigerant.

Variable-Valve Timing

VVT systems allow for improved engine performance over a broader operating range.

The Mod Squad: Ford’s ‘Modular’ Engines

The name doesn’t refer to parts interchangeability, although some of these engine designs share common features.

Camshafts And Valvetrain Components

Choosing the right camshaft for your intended purposes begins with defining your intended purposes.