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MAHLE Aftermarket Launches A/C Microsite

The microsite is intended to educate consumers on how to keep cool for the summer.

May The Clamping Force Be With You

Torque-to-yield bolts have a unique advantage over traditional fasteners.

Making Hydraulic Hose

Creating hydraulic hose for mission-critical equipment is an often-overlooked profit center.

Air Filters: Know The Flow

Even a 10% blockage in a vehicle’s air filter can begin to affect engine performance.

AASA Vision: What Will The Aftermarket Look Like In 2035?

A new AASA-commissioned study looks at the trends that will shape the automotive aftermarket in the future.

AASA Vision: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times In The Aftermarket

AASA President and CEO Paul McCarthy invoked Charles Dickens when he described the current state of the aftermarket.

AASA Vision: Aftermarket Missing Out On ADAS Opportunity

More than 90% of ADAS work that comes into mechanical shops is outsourced to a dealership.

AASA Vision: Christian Brothers CEO Shares 6 Keys To Success

Donnie Carr provided a glimpse into the company’s people-first approach.

AASA Vision: E-Tailing Beyond The Pandemic

Brent Berman of First Brands and Eric Lough of FCP Euro see the shift to e-commerce as a permanent one.

Replacement Parts For European Vehicles

European vehicles need repairs just as often as American or Asian vehicles, if not more often.

Why OEMs Are Investing In Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Recovering valuable material by recycling Li-ion batteries is a no-brainer. However, the reality is more complicated.

Breaking Down Chrysler Sales Codes

These codes aren’t as readily accessible as the ones used by other OEMs.