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AAPEX Session: Don’t Fear EVs; Embrace Them

EVs are certain to present more business opportunities to automotive shops that are prepared for them.

Electric Vehicles
Remembering Ignition Distributors

They were simple, basic, maybe even crude by today’s standards – but they worked.

‘Tis the Season … For Heart Attacks

The American Heart Association offers a few tips for keeping your heart healthy during the holidays.

Human Heart
EV Lifecycles And The Environment

Lead-acid batteries are widely recycled. The same can’t be said for the lithium-ion versions used in EVs.

Electric Vehicle
Career Resources For Veterans In The Automotive Aftermarket

Giving back to those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Veterans Career Resources
Windshield Wipers: Window Of Opportunity

The onset of winter is the perfect time to talk to your customers about replacement wiper blades.

Wiper Blades
Timing Belts vs. Timing Chains

Is one better than the other? Or is it a case of “six of one and a half-dozen of the other?”

Best Supporting Actor: Gas-Charged Lift Supports

Lift supports don’t receive a lot of screen time, but they play a key role in providing convenience to vehicle owners.

Lift Supports
Building A Rewards Program For Your Auto Parts Store

Give your customers one more reason to buy from you.

Rewards Program Auto Parts
Wheel Bearings: Rollin’ Through The Years

A look at the differences
between Gen 1, 2 and 3 wheel bearings.

Wheel Bearings
Automotive Ancestry

Exploring the histories of the brands we service every day.

Tri-State Enterprises: Pedal To The Metal

For Tri-State Enterprises, an aggressive growth mindset and Christian values have been a winning formula.

Tri State Enterprises