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APA’s Steve Tucker: ‘We See Demand Continuing To Be Strong’

Tucker, president of Automotive Parts Associates, discusses key issues affecting the aftermarket in 2022.

Steve Tucker
The Alliance’s JC Washbish: ‘America Is Moving Again’

Washbish, VP of sales/marketing for the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, discusses key issues affecting the aftermarket.

JC Washbish
Advance Exec Lauren Beaulieu: ‘We Need To Remain Agile’

Beaulieu, VP, Professional marketing for Advance, Carquest and Worldpac, discusses key issues affecting the aftermarket.

Lauren Beaulieu
NPD Group Bullish On Retail Aftermarket For 2022

However, the consumer-research firm sees mixed signals on the economic landscape.

Nathan Shipley
Don’t Back Down When Recommending Ride Control

A former ­service advisor shares his experience with a customer who wanted to cut corners on replacement struts.

Ride Control
How To Sidestep ‘The Great Resignation’

Offering opportunities to contribute to their communities could be the key to retaining workers.

Great Resignation
Recalls Are A Fact Of Life In The Auto Industry

Recalls cover a wide range of faults, and some are more obvious than others.

Vehicle Recalls
Tensioners And Pulleys

Motorists take them for granted. But they’re always busy at work behind the scenes.

Tensioners and Pulleys
DIY Brake Jobs

With the right parts, tools and knowledge, brake jobs are doable for DIYers.

DIY Brake Job
Selling Tools For Electrical Repairs

Sensors, switches, solenoids and actuators require electrical power to do their jobs.

Electrical Repairs
AAPEX Session: Don’t Fear EVs; Embrace Them

EVs are certain to present more business opportunities to automotive shops that are prepared for them.

Electric Vehicles
Remembering Ignition Distributors

They were simple, basic, maybe even crude by today’s standards – but they worked.