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Exploring Brand Value

Much like that age-old question about the chicken or the egg, this months topic begs a similar question. When it comes to parts, which do you look for first, quality or brand?

New Congress, New Challenges

While the aftermarket is involved in multiple legislative battles, there are three that are front and center on the industrys priority list: Motor Vehicle Owners Right To Repair, Asbestos Litigation Reform and Association Health Plan Legislation. A new Congress is like a new baseball season – everyone in Washington has high hopes that their issues

The Tricks of the Trade

The words I most fear (OK, maybe fear is a bit strong) on the telephone are,"I have a really good customer who…" Never have these words begun a sentence that ended with "wanted to compliment you on being a good supplier" or "appreciates the quality and service of the products you deliver." For a supplier,

New Markets in the Aftermarket

These products are flying off the shelves. Is your store taking advantage of this growing market?

Cool Refrigerant Sales

Of all the automotive products, perhaps none has undergone as many fundamental changes as automotive refrigerant. And that means new rules and regulations about who buys it.

Parts Delivery and its Costs

Let’s be objective. Traditional jobbers spend lots of money delivering parts to independent shop owners. But too often, jobbers are spending more money than they might think.

Pay on Scan: A Win-Win Situation?

The latest supply chain management idea that has hit the automotive aftermarket is called “POS” (pay-on-scan.) With this system, the retailer pays the supplier for the product when the retailer sells the product. After a quick read, this certainly sounds like a win-lose situation. However, after doing some research, I think this latest request by

It’s In Your Hands to be Car Care Aware

Help your professional customers be more profitable using tools from the ‘Be Car Care Aware’ campaign.

Take This Job and Shove It

Employees today increasingly feel like saying, “Take this job and shove it. Almost half of workers surveyed nationally have strong negative feelings about work. They feel overworked, underappreciated and anxious about the future. Many of the 40 percent upset with their jobs say they are frustrated with the amount of work theyve had to pick

Creating Better Customers

Despite all the soft and fuzzy reasons companies say they provide training, there’s still one hard fact: Training makes better customers. That’s a major reason why many manufacturers continue to operate robust counter and technician training programs. Training leads to higher average tickets and reduced comebacks, and that’s great for everyone manufacturer, WD, store and

April is National Car Care Month

Your place of business can help create better customers through National Car Care Month activities. A customer whos well informed about automotive maintenance is a better customer, which is why the aftermarket appreciates promotional efforts that educate motorists. The Car Care Council offers a valuable educational and promotional tool with its improved National Car Care

‘Pay On Scan’ Poses Hurdles for Suppliers

‘Pay on Scan’ (POS) is AutoZone’s newly proposed payment system that is causing ripples throughout the company’s supplier base.