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Being Savvy Means Nothing if You Have No Integrity

Is a person still as good as his or her word, or has this sentiment lost its meaning in the competitive, fast-paced world we live in today?

Joy of Driving: A Little About Me … and You

I’m thrilled to be the new editor of Counterman. But I’m guessing your stories are a lot more interesting than mine.

Stop Trying To Do Too Much, And Watch Your Sales Improve

Let’s get back to our customers and give them what they want and need.

We Have The Technology: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Can Prevent Traffic Accidents

Every day in the United States, roughly 100 people die in traffic accidents, accidents that likely won’t happen if vehicles can stop themselves before hitting other vehicles.

Word-Of-Mouth Is Ignored – Unless The News Is Bad

In my experience, word-of-mouth rarely works when you’re passing on something positive.

Please, Repeat This Mantra: I Need Leadership 2.0 (At The University Of The Aftermarket)

University of the Aftermarket has opened registration for the 2017-2018 Leadership 2.0 Class and you need to be part of it.

I Just Used My Apple Watch To Pay For Something And This Is The Response I Got

The checkout person demanded to know what was going on. I’ll tell you the short version: The checkout person wasn’t trained.

Data Drives Everything We Do In The Automotive Aftermarket

“I just read that question on an industry magazine cover this year, and it made me refocus on one of my first-learned family business practices: homegrown data mining,” writes Mandy Aguilar.

Satellite Can Play A Larger Role In Connected Vehicles

Dramatic improvements in equipment size, reduction in costs and some unique inherent characteristics of satellite means that it should now be seen as a legitimate complement to terrestrial services.

Watch: What Would You Say You Do Here?

There’s a great scene in the Mike Judge movie called “Office Space.” Two consultants engaged in interviewing employees for an imminent downsizing sit across from a guy and try to figure out what he does at work all day.

Video: When Life And Business Get Complicated, It’s Time To Simplify

We’ve all heard the saying that showing up is 80 percent of success. Why not live it?

Guess What Rock Auto Thinks Of Auto Parts Professionals And Why It’s Just Plain Wrong

I don’t know why this video got under my skin as much as it did, other than the fact that it ticks me off that the skilled and knowledgable people I call friends are being maligned in a way that just isn’t fair or accurate.