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Don’t Let Ineffective Stock Rotation At Your Parts Store Make A Mess For Your Customers

“I was victim of either an overzealous sales program four years ago or an inefficient stock rotation regimen,” Counterman Publisher S. Scott Shriber writes. “Either way, I was in the middle. Wherever you are in the chain, be sure your customer is not caught with the mess.”

I Admit It: I’m Afraid Of Driverless Cars

By some estimates, within the next 25 years, cars per household will decline by 50 percent, while average miles driven per vehicle will increase significantly. You see, when cars begin to drive themselves we will need less of them, and they will drive a lot more than we ever did.

Disruption And Opportunity In The New Aftermarket

Like in other industries, automotive consumers expect to get what they want, when they want it and how they want it delivered. The ways of the past are becoming obsolete more quickly than many of us could have predicted.

Let Millennials Help You Achieve Your Goals In The Automotive Aftermarket

Counterman intern Abigail Hanson recently asked Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) members about millennials and their role in the automotive aftermarket. Three council members had a lot of great insight into the generation and their influence on the workforce.

Help Your Professional Technician Customers Fly

My jobs often reward me in the most unforeseen ways, but by far the best rewards are when you connect with customers and peers at a profound personal level.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Choose what your business’ focus is going to be and focus on that. Become obsessed with that and stay on it. Keep an eye out for dramatic changes in the marketplace, but only react if it is a gamechanger for your direction. Industry changes are inevitable, but usually minor course changes are all that is required.

Not Miserable In Puerto Rico

Still, this month’s column is not about our financial woes; instead, I wanted to share a great story about Puerto Rico that has thundered across the Internet. It’s the story of Kevin Blandford, a 34-year-old from Kentucky, who back in March visited our island on an all-expenses-paid trip that should have been the stuff of dreams; instead, it became his most miserable trip ever.

Pushing The Envelope Of Opportunity In The Automotive Aftermarket

By just waiting with that trolley, he created opportunity. It was an opportunity to help me out. It was an opportunity to make the airline he worked for look good. It was an opportunity for a good tip.

Sometimes You Have To Set Aside The Urgent

Our everyday business functions have become so complicated and intense, that we sometimes or never take time to focus on the long-term/important matters.

The Automotive Aftermarket Is Boring. And I’m Good With That.

What our industry lacks in minute-by-minute, heart-pounding action, most certainly makes up for it with steady — dare I say, recession-proof? — growth.

Automotive Parts Etailing Has Become A Big Wave

Etailing now accounts for $6 billion in automotive aftermarket parts sales in the United States, according to the Auto Care Association. And, by 2018, it’s expected to double in volume.

Some Things Change And We Don’t Have To Like It

I take issue with Peugeot’s decision to kill the RCZ.