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Understanding the Role of Antifreeze/Coolant

One of the key functions is fighting corrosion in the engine.

Keeping Automotive Batteries in Tip-Top Condition

The battery is the key component of the starting and electrical system of a vehicle.

Is Corrosion Bad for Brake Pads?

Spoiler alert: It is.

‘Do You Sell Stereo Equipment?’

There’s always a sales opportunity when someone goes under the hood or dash.

Recharging the Air-Conditioning System

Follow these tips to make the process go smoothly.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 8: Paving the Way for Innovation

While Joe Keene drives across the country en route to AAPEX, David Sickels connects with today’s automotive innovators.

Resetting the Belt-Drive System

When replacing a serpentine belt, the tensioners and other components in the belt-drive system need to be replaced as well.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 7: Connecting to Future Automotive Tech

As Joe Keene connects with the Lincoln Highway’s history, Babcox Media Editor David Sickels glimpses into the future of automotive technology.

Why Do Mounts Fail?

Think of the force that’s exerted on an engine mount every time you accelerate.

What to Ask When Recommending Timing Belts

When we’re talking about the modern internal combustion engine, timing is everything.

Road to AAPEX, Ep 6: Mile Markers on the Road of Progress

It’s the unexpected moments that make a trip memorable.

What’s Wrong with Tesla Control Arms?

Even the most beloved brands have their quirks.