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Basic Types of Steering Mechanisms

Steering mechanisms play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and controlled movement of light vehicles.  

Understanding the Role of Suspension Components

The primary components we focus on in this video are shocks, struts, control arms and bushings.

Basic Types of Automotive Batteries

The first commercially acceptable battery was developed in 1859.

Automotive Batteries
The Evolution of Spark Plugs

Without the spark plug, there would be no internal combustion engine.

Spark Plugs
Advantages of Torque-to-Yield Fasteners

TTY fasteners are becoming more common under the car.

TTY Fasteners
When Animals Attack … Your Vehicle

October through December is prime mating and migrating season for deer, which means it’s a peak time for deer-related accidents. 

Animals Attack
How Have Transmissions Changed Through the Years? (Part 2)

The continuing evolution of transmissions led to torque converters, CVTs and more.

Selling for Snow Season

Some categories that might be slow and steady for most of the year tend to get hot when the weather turns cold.

Snow Season
Installing the Continental Multi V Stretch Belt

Keep in mind that you never can replace a stretch belt with a standard serpentine belt.

How Have Transmissions Changed Through the Years? (Part 1)

The first automobiles transferred power to the wheels through a system of exposed belts and pulleys.

Basic Types of Suspension Systems

One of the most common types of suspension systems found in modern passenger vehicles is independent suspension.

Recommending Replacement Driveshaft Assemblies

Replacing individual components might only address the symptom and not the root cause, potentially leading to a customer comeback.