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Federated Auto Parts: Celebrating 30 Years – Embracing Change and Respecting Tradition

While both Federated and Pronto headquarters will remain in place and continue to support their respective member’s needs, marketing programs and brands, The Group will move to shared resources in areas that offer efficiencies and improvement opportunities, such as IT and data management, electronic catalog, Co-Man warehouse, national accounts, line commonality and other support programs. Both Federated and Pronto will continue to respect the tradition of each association, while combining efforts to embrace change in order to thrive in an ever-evolving auto care industry.

Pronto Auto Parts Business Tools Ensure Success

Pronto has established strong supplier relationships with leading vendors over the years. Employing a brand strategy developed to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing market, Pronto regularly interviews suppliers, reviews current programs to maintain its position as an industry leader and provides category management expertise to its members. With more than 145 approved brands, Pronto offers shareholders and their customers the quality and variety they demand in today’s competitive auto care industry.

The Network Signs Seventh Parts Plus Mexico Member

Frenos y Embragues de California S.A. de C.V. plans to better serve its customers through the IT solutions available via the Parts Plus Mexico program.