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High Quality, Low Viscosity Oil Provides Benefits in All Climates

Zero weight oils have benefits in cold weather, but what are the benefits when used in hotter environments?

Why Fuel Pumps Fail

Over time, OE fuel pumps will inevitably wear out. A failing fuel pump delivers less fuel to a vehicle’s engine, the prolonged effects of fuel pump failure can develop into a significant vehicle setback. The three key signs of fuel pump failure include: Hesitation during acceleration Rough idle A vehicle that will not start Hesitation

A Closer Look: Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Operation

TPMS System Overview: A closer look at this important safety system Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have been mandated for over 14 years but have been on vehicles for much longer. Yet they still seem to spark a love/hate relationship. Some motorists and techs find them a nuisance while others recognize a valid safety device and

Ultra-Premium Quality: Why and When Should Shops Use Ultra-Premium Parts?

You know that when it comes to the aftermarket, there are many different qualities of parts to choose from, and this definitely isn’t a bad thing, as there is a time and place for parts of all different qualities, materials and price points, depending on the driver’s budget and driving needs. But what you may

A Closer Look: Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) System Operation

ABS System Overview: A closer look at this important safety system In order to maintain vehicle control, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is concerned with monitoring and controlling wheel slip. The major components to every ABS system are: wheel speed sensors, brake switch, brake master cylinder, EBCM, and hydraulic assembly containing the pump motor, accumulator,

A Closer Look: Electronic Throttle Bodies and Control Systems

Electronic Throttle Control Overview Electronic Throttle Control has been around for decades. It has been called by various names and has been the subject of media scrutiny at times, but these systems are responsible for improving fuel economy, reducing emissions, protecting powertrain components, and providing an overall better driving experience. While ETC is beneficial, there

Help Drivers Prepare for A Stop-and-Go Summer

It’s almost summer, also known as orange barrel season in many parts of the United States. Summer 2021 is looking like another construction-heavy season, with states gearing up for thousands of miles in road projects. At the end of March, the Ohio Department of Transportation released its 2021 construction season plans, covering 4,596 miles of

Prepare Boat and Camper Towers for Extra Engine Stress

When the weather starts to get warmer, the roads fill up with eager travelers. That’s especially true in 2021. According to a Harvest Hosts survey, 76% of respondents plan to travel more than they did in 2020, and 69% do not feel safe getting on a plane. For those planning to travel by road, 61%

A Closer Look: EVAP Components and Chrysler ESIM Systems

Best practices for working on Chrysler ESIM systems Chrysler Evaporative System Integrity Monitor (ESIM) have been used since the late 2000’s, but due to their unique characteristics they may provide some diagnostic challenges for technicians. Whereas many manufacturers rely on some form of a purge and seal/vacuum decay for their EVAP system self-tests, Chrysler has

Advancements in Cabin Air Filtration Technology Improve Air Quality

The latest advances in cabin air filter engineering are raising the bar for in-vehicle air quality. Cabin air filters were introduced in 2000 as a method for providing cleaner and healthier air inside vehicles. Standard cabin air filters effectively trap particulates in the 5–100 micron range, such as dirt, dust and allergens. However, these filters

A Key Recommendation for Spring Vehicle Maintenance After a Harsh Winter

After the harsh temperatures of winter have taken their toll, spring vehicle maintenance requires checking all the right boxes to ensure dependability for everything from local errands to summer road trips. But before your customers drive off to the beach this summer, one of the key recommendations topping your list for spring maintenance must include

In a “stay at home” world, vehicles still need to be maintained properly and regularly

As we approach the one-year anniversary when terms like “lockdown,” “social distancing” and “work from home” became prominent parts of the lexicon, we can begin to take stock in just how much has changed. While the true definition of what the “new normal” will be in a post-pandemic world is still not fully known, it’s