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Changing Maintenance Approach for Inactive Vehicles

2020 has added many new challenges to our everyday lives, including vehicle maintenance. With more vehicles sitting unused for long periods of time, drivers face deciding when to have scheduled maintenance performed and experiencing new issues with their vehicles. Vehicles are meant to be used, and disuse can create severe problems if preventative measures are

Idle vehicles, arrival of winter highlight importance of key filter maintenance

For many people who have been working from home instead of making the daily commute to the office, there is growing concern regarding the unintended impact the inactivity may have on their vehicle’s dependability. In addition to the delayed maintenance and overall inactivity of vehicles, winter’s arrival adds to the challenges facing millions of vehicle

Check the PCV Valve If You Suspect Oil Fouling

The overriding task of the internal-combustion engine is a straightforward one: provide the requisite amount of power needed to propel the vehicle down the road at a prescribed speed, measured in miles per hour. Achieving this goal, however, requires all of the components in a delicate ecosystem to operate in perfect harmony, culminating in the

Questions You Should Start Asking Customers in the New Normal

It’s no secret that consumer driving habits have changed during our current circumstances, leaving the automotive service industry in a new, unfamiliar place. How we buy cars, put them to use and upkeep them all look very different from just six months ago, and the vehicle maintenance norms will continue to change as winter approaches.

Know Your Engine When Determining Spark Plug Service Intervals

How much easier and simpler would life be if every problem had a one-size-fits-all solution? Unfortunately, that will never be the case since almost every conundrum must be mitigated via a solution that involves the precise implementation of a diverse set of actions that have to link seamlessly in order to optimize or improve the

Help Technicians Do The Job Right With Blue Streak® Blower Motor Resistor Kits

Technician: I need a blower motor resistor for this 2016 Ford F150 I’m working on. Counterperson: Would you like to replace the electrical connector with that? If this isn’t a question you’re currently asking your customers, it certainly is one that you should! As blower motors begin to weaken or are contaminated with debris, they

Finding the Right Oil Filter Based on the Driver

There is an array of different vehicles with different purposes on the road, and that is why FRAM® offers a variety of oil filters that accommodate various vehicles and their drivers. The most common types of drivers have a variety of needs, and we identified requirements for three of these groups: the everyday commuter, the

How Cabin Air Factors Into Vehicle Cleanliness

Every surface is getting a thorough cleaning these days. Kitchen counters, doorknobs and even vehicle interiors are subject to regular disinfectant wipe-downs. In fact, the CDC has released a list of guidelines for how to properly clean a vehicle’s many surfaces. For hard, non-porous surfaces in the interior of a vehicle – including hard seats,

Secondary Ignition Waveforms and Spark Plug Performance

There are at least 500 components in the modern car engine. Our favorite – and an often-underrated part – is the spark plug. Spark plugs deliver the electric current from the ignition system in our vehicles to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine, igniting the compressed fuel/air mixture with an electric spark. When thinking

Why Spark Plug Metallurgy Matters

Design and engineering are part of the equation for a successful spark plug, but meeting OE specifications can only push performance so far. The makeup, or metallurgy, of the plug’s conductive material can be the difference-maker for mileage, service life, fuel efficiency and fouling resistance. Why is Metallurgy Important? It’s a fact that noble metals

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Transmission Treatment For Your Customers

“Your transmission is shot.” Of all the things that can go wrong with a customer’s vehicle, a transmission problem is often one of the most dreaded. That’s because the cost of a transmission rebuild or replacement can run up to $4,000. When faced with a bill this big, many owners of older vehicles decide to

Iridium Aftermarket Spark Plugs Offer OE-Level Performance

Aftermarket parts manufacturers live to push the boundaries of performance. This is true of companies specializing in any type of auto part. In the case of spark plug manufacturers, they have been optimizing their products by working with more durable and ignitable metals.