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Toyota’s Electrification Plans Still Call For Fuel Pumps

When major automakers like Toyota announce plans to electrify their entire vehicle line-up, the auto industry takes note. Electrification raises the issue of phasing out gas-powered vehicles, as well as the parts that are specific to gas-powered vehicles.

The Importance of Talking to Your Customers About Potholes

We can all agree that potholes are bad. We can also agree that potholes are boring. They’re not a hot discussion topic for anyone outside the paving industry. But here’s the thing: If you are a parts professional, you need to talk about potholes with both your DIFM and DIY customers.

How to Prevent Unnecessary Ignition Coil Returns

It may be surprising to learn that leading causes of ignition coil damage have nothing to do with the coils themselves. Damaged or worn-out spark plugs, leaking valve covers and oil contamination are all culprits in ignition coil damage.

5 Visual Clues to Prevent Oxygen Sensor Warranties

Incorrect emissions repairs can lead to multiple and expensive jobs. Knowing the following visual clues for common oxygen sensor issues will prevent reoccurring problems and reduce the chance of returned parts and unnecessary warranties.

Make Tools & Equipment a Part of Your Business

Selling automotive parts is your business and it’s a stable business.  Which is great.  We all love stability, it’s safe.  Growth, now that takes a little more effort and sometimes a little risk. What if there was an opportunity for growth that took a little effort, but there was minimal risk involved?  Selling professional tools

OE Crosses the Line into the Aftermarket

A World of Experience Makes a World of Difference Powered by NTN, the largest manufacturer of wheel hub assemblies in North America, BCA® offers the full line of premium, OE-Quality wheel end replacement parts for domestic and import applications that you need and deserve. NTN’s Elgin, Illinois plant is one of the largest manufacturers of

Drop Shipping: Understand Your Tax Requirements

In a drop shipment relationship, there are generally three parties involved: the seller who accepts the order, the supplier who delivers it and the customer who placed the original order. Two transactions occur in this exchange, and it’s often difficult to figure out who is responsible for collecting sales tax and who is exempt. The

Replacing Oxygen Sensors Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Did you know replacing worn or failed oxygen sensors is the best way to protect expensive three-way catalysts or catalytic converters? Failure to replace failed oxygen sensors at the earliest sign of a problem, usually indicated by an illuminated check engine light, can cause premature failure of expensive three-way catalysts or catalytic converters. What does

Attention: Please Post This Important Safety Information for Your Customers

Last year, American Honda released a poster designed to help keep your customers safe.  That poster identified certain Honda and Acura vehicles that may have been affected by the Takata airbag inflator recalls affecting customers at that time. Since then, the inflator recalls have expanded, so we have provided an updated poster below that includes

The Case of The “ Mysterious Oil Consumption”

Vehicle Using Too Much Oil, But No Evidence of A Leak On The Ground The solution to this case is elementary, my dear Counterman. The culprit is usually extra oil leaking past the valve seals and burning in the combustion chamber. The most common perpetrator of vehicle oil consumption is valve seals that have shrunk,

Head Gasket Fix from Bar’s Leaks

Owners of vehicles with blown head gaskets used to have two choices: fork over $1,500 to $3,000 for a mechanical repair or kiss the car goodbye. It was an especially lousy choice because most blown head gaskets occur in older vehicles that are often worth less than the cost of the repair. All that changed