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Chicago Newscast Airs Segment On Auto Parts Supply Crunch

AASA CEO Paul McCarthy is featured in the Feb. 16 broadcast.


NBC 5 in Chicago recently aired a segment on the struggles that repair shops are experiencing in their day-to-day searches for replacement parts.


“Experts blame supply shortages and a loss of workers,” NBC 5’s Allison Rosati says in the news segment.

An NBC 5 correspondent interviewed Janessa Wagner, owner of Itasca Automotive Repair, who said she sometimes spends hours trying to find parts.

“I have to use multiple stores to get one car finished, instead of getting everything from one place,” Wagner told NBC 5. “Sometimes it takes a couple of days, even when I’m using the dealer to get parts.”

Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association CEO Paul McCarthy appears in the segment, offering his perspective on the challenging environment.

“You may be lucky and your particular part and component, it’s in stock and the local distributor has that part and the repair person can get it on your vehicle, or you may have the fact that they just can’t get your part and it may be a long delay,” McCarthy told NBC 5.


To view the video, go to the NBC 5 website or watch below.

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