Counter Professionals Selling Raybestos Brand Products to be Rewarded at Rookie Celebration

Counter Professionals Selling Raybestos Brand Products to be Rewarded at Rookie Celebration

Charlotte trip offers opportunity to meet, greet and eat With NASCAR rookies.

Getting up close and personal with NASCAR’s elite rookie racers has never been this easy. By selling Raybestos brand Advanced Technology or Professional Grade  brake pads, rotors and hub assemblies, 10 lucky countermen will win a special seat at the 2009 Raybestos Rookie Luncheon Celebration honoring the Raybestos Rookie of the Year from the Camping World Truck, Nationwide and Sprint Cup series.

In addition to a seat at the Rookie Luncheon Celebration, countermen will also have the opportunity to win $50 NASCAR Superstore gift cards and Raybestos Retro T-shirts. Also, every valid tally card that totals 25 sales will earn a free Raybestos brand ball cap and Raybestos Revolution keyboard (while supplies last).

“We are very proud to present one of the most prestigious awards in NASCAR,” says Josh Russell, Vice President of Marketing, Affinia Global Brake and Chassis Group. “Much like the Raybestos Rookie of the Year Award honors rookies that have dedicated themselves to consistent performance throughout the season – this promotion rewards countermen that have dedicated themselves to consistently selling the best brake parts in the business.”

The Raybestos Countermen Rookie Luncheon Promotion runs from July 15, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2009. For official promotion rules, or for more information on Raybestos brand brakes, please visit or call (800) 323-0354. 

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