Brakleen: New Packaging

Brakleen Packaging Simplifies Formula Selection

CRC Brakleen brake-parts cleaner is available in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated formulas to comply with state regulations and meet the needs of professional shops and DIY consumers in all 50 states, CRC Industries announced.

CRC Brakleen brake-parts cleaner is available in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated formulas to comply with state regulations and meet the needs of professional shops and DIY consumers in all 50 states, CRC Industries announced.

“Managing individual state regulations for maintenance chemicals can be complex for distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end-user consumers,” the company said in a news release. “CRC continually monitors regulatory trends and the potential impact, aiming to simplify decision-making for its customers and ensure their compliance. As a result, CRC has also revamped the Brakleen line’s packaging to make it easier to identify which formulas to choose.”

Depending on the state, brake-cleaning products may be restricted from including chlorinated solvents in their formulas. CRC supplies unique Brakleen formulations to meet the needs of the marketplace as well as individual state regulations for chlorinated solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), according to the company.

Now, each CRC Brakleen package clearly reflects the specific formula. The original, chlorinated formula is sold in red-label packaging, and all non-chlorinated formulas are sold in green-label packaging.

“We know our customers immediately recognize the red can of CRC Brakleen,” said Louis Fresta, vice president of sales and marketing for CRC Industries. “Red has identified our original brake cleaner since 1971, and it’s still our strongest formula. Red is iconic for Brakleen, the CRC brand, and our core automotive maintenance products, and that won’t change. But state regulations have changed and will continue to change. CRC is committed to helping our customers stay compliant while maximizing product performance. So, we’ve simplified our packaging to make product selection as easy as possible: Brakleen in red packaging is chlorinated, while Brakleen in green packaging is non-chlorinated.”

While the original CRC Brakleen formula can be used in all states excluding California and New Jersey, some facilities restrict the use of chlorinated solvents. Non-chlorinated brake cleaners contain VOCs to replace some of the cleaning power lost when switching to non-chlorinated formulas. However, individual states have set varying limits on the use of VOCs. Consequently, CRC offers Brakleen in eight formulas, including regular and Pro Series versions of non-chlorinated/high-VOC; non-chlorinated/low-VOC; non-chlorinated/ less than 10 percent VOC; and non-chlorinated/ultra-low-VOC formulas.

“This wide array of choices allows consumers and professionals to access the strongest possible brake-parts cleaner while remaining compliant with local regulations,” the company said. “Retailers and distributors who carry both the chlorinated and non-chlorinated formulas are assured that they will have the right brake cleaner for the needs of all of their customers.”

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