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DENSO Products and Services Americas Launches PowerEdge Heavy-Duty Pad-Mount Alternator

The 12-volt, 170-amp 24PE alternator meets and exceeds the electrical and performance requirements of today’s heavy-duty trucks and the companies and operators whose business depends on keeping their vehicles in service, according to DENSO.


DENSO Products and Services Americas is introducing its new PowerEdge brand of heavy-duty alternators.


The PowerEdge 24PE pad-mount alternator will be available in August.

The 12-volt, 170-amp 24PE alternator meets and exceeds the electrical and performance requirements of today’s heavy-duty trucks and the companies and operators whose business depends on keeping their vehicles in service, according to DENSO. The model fits most Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard pad-mount applications and covers nearly all Class 8 vehicles in operation.

“Today’s heavy-duty market demands superior quality, reliability, fuel efficiency and durability, and the 24PE alternator delivers on all fronts,” said Gilbert Ramirez, manager of DENSO heavy-duty product planning. “Built with original-equipment technology adapted for the aftermarket, this superior product offers the customer every advantage.”


With remote sense function, batteries recharge faster after start-up, prolonging battery life and reducing costs, according to the company. The units also feature DENSO’s patented rectangular segment conductor (SC) technology, which incorporates a square wire copper stator for a compact, lightweight alternator with longer life.

Backed by a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, all units are 100% new with no core charge.

The high-performance PowerEdge line also features the 39PE starter, as well as diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts for capturing and treating tailpipe emissions. With the addition of the 24PE, PowerEdge now offers nearly complete starter and alternator coverage for Class 8 trucks.


For detailed information on all PowerEdge products, applications and part numbers, visit

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